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This Popular Convenience Chain Is Closing 900 Stores and Upgrading Thousands of Others

The company is accelerating its focus on health care services.

One of the largest drugstore chains in the U.S. is set to shutter 900 retail locations as it accelerates its focus on health care services.

CVS announced plans this week to close 300 locations a year over the next three years. The company also revealed that it's switching up the format of its remaining stores, which will serve as one of three types of "community health destinations."

The first model is set to offer primary care services; the second is slated to be an "enhanced" version of the company's HelathHUB locations, which will stock "products and services designed for everyday health and wellness needs"; the third is the traditional CVS Pharmacy store with prescription services and a variety of retail offerings. In addition to health and wellness items, these include some better-for-you snack options and frozen foods—here are The 11 Best Snack Foods You Can Now Buy at CVS.

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Courtesy of CVS

An increasing amount of consumers are shopping digitally in the wake of the pandemic, prompting stores with iconic and well-known layouts to re-evaluate their strategies.

"Our retail stores are fundamental to our strategy and who we are as a company," Karen S. Lynch, president and CEO of CVS Health, says. "We remain focused on the competitive advantage provided by our presence in thousands of communities across the country, which complements our rapidly expanding digital presence."

CVS has not yet revealed which of its locations are set to close. Eat This, Not That! has reached out to the company for more details.

In addition to health care products and services, CVS sells foods under its Gold Emblem label, which includes foods like coffee, nuts, and other snacks.

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