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America's Two Largest Grocery Chains Just Raised the Price of This COVID-19 Item

The news comes in the midst of the Omicron wave of coronavirus.

In the midst of the Omicron wave of coronavirus, two of America's largest and most popular grocery chains are raising the price of a popular COVID-19 antigen self test that can be taken at home.

It currently costs just shy of $20 for a two-pack of BinaxNOW tests at Walmart, which limits customers to six kits per purchase. At Kroger, the self tests now cost $23.99; however, they appear to be out of stock in several areas. (RELATED: Walmart Just Added This to Its COVID-19 Policies)

Walmart, Kroger, and Amazon agreed to cap the price of the tests at $14 over the summer. However, an agreement with the Biden administration to sell the kits at cost has expired after three months. The news arrives at a moment in time when demand for at-home tests has increased amid a surge in cases. If you look for the kits on Amazon right now, they don't show up on search.

BinaxNOW COVID Tests
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Abbott Labs, the company which produces the BinaxNOW tests, previously said it was upping production to 70 million kits in January. That's an increase of 20 million test kits per month, according to NBC News.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki declined to tell The Wall Street Journal if the Biden administration had made any attempts to renew the deal to sell the at-home tests at cost.

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"I'm not going to get into details of our private conversations with these providers," Psaki said during a Jan. 5 press briefing. "Our focus is, of course, ensuring that we are increasing access and access to free tests to people across the country."

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